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Holby City Confessions
coffeecupsandinkwells asked: I don't think I'm speaking alone when I say that the BERENA tag is my safe space where I can feel happy and represented and like I'm around likeminded people. I'm not saying that people aren't entitled to their opinion, of course they are, but I don't want to have to read their negativity in a place where I go to feel positive. So, with anti-ship confessions, would you consider not putting them in the tag? [Same for Zollie, Rena, all of them] I probably sound so whiny but i don't actually care.

Hi :)! Of course I would consider it! I’m really sorry to anybody who has been made to feel unsafe because of the fact that I have been posting anti-ship/negative confessions in particular ship/character tags. 

Funnily enough, I was actually thinking about this the other day with the amount of negative Berena confessions that I have been receiving lately and was thinking about starting to tag negative/anti-ship/anti-character confessions with #”negative confession”, so that people can blacklist/block the tag, if they are only after seeing the more positive confessions?

 The main reason that I tag confessions (including the negative ones) with character names/ships is mainly just for navigation reasons, so I would happily discontinue doing so if it’s making other people feel uncomfortable or unsafe within the fandom. I’m really sorry, that was never my intention at all :(! 

Thank you so much for sending this in and letti ng me know :)! And once again, I’m so sorry if I’ve caused you (or anybody else) any upset! xx

Just a little notice…

Hi guys :)! I’m really sorry (I really didn’t want to have to do this) but at the moment I have around 55+ confessions/asks in my ask box, which I’m currently struggling to keep on top of, so I’m going to be temporarily turning off Anonymous asks. It shouldn’t be for any longer than 72 hours, (I’m hoping to have it reopened by Tuesday 9pm, so that people can share any opinions/thoughts that they may have on this week’s episode) it’s just so that I can catch up with making some of the older confessions that have been waiting around in my inbox for a while :). Thank you so much once again for being so awesome and sending in all of your confessions guys :D♥!! I’ll make sure to let you know once the ask box has reopened. Sorry for any inconvenience :(. xx

Photo taken from Digital Spy :).

Photo taken from Digital Spy :).